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I see better when my eyes are closed
Most of us suffer with information overload. Our senses are flooded with information from the moment we open our eyes to the moment we close them at night. 
When our head finally hits the pillow our mind races around trying to make sense and compartmentalise the overload received during the day. If we manage to stop it doing that it then starts thinking about all the things that we haven't had time to think about during the day due to the sensory overload of unimportant information! 

The problem is that our ancestral natural mind is not designed to deal with the modern technological overdose and the over stimulation it receives during the day. 
We are flooded with so much extra unnecessary information that achieving a peaceful mind has become virtually impossible. 
Information comes from tv, radio, phone, internet, newspaper, billboards... the list in endless.
Think about your journey to work, how much information you are given during your journey, most of which is unrequested and undesired? Phew... how does our brain even begin to filter out the required from the rubbish, how are we possibly supposed to 'find ourselves' between all the noise?
Stop.......Close your eyes.......and Breathe........ ahhhhhhhh
In order for us to see what we need to see and understand what is relevant to us, our spiritual growth and our inner peace we must turn off and tune into ourselves. We can only really see what we need and learn what we need to learn when we shut off the external influences and information overload.
Make sure each day you make the time to turn off and turn in.
Some great ways to switch off are - Meditation, Mindful walks in nature, Adult colouring or any other form of art, Yoga, Writing, Singing, Dancing and just about anything that involves being creative.

15 Minutes each day:
Turn Off....Tune in.......Close your eyes.....and Breathe...

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