The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life is to give life meaning
One of the biggest questions asked is 'what is the meaning of life?'.  
We ponder, we question, we look at oracles, we search on Google, we seek the answer many places for many years of our lives. 
Instead of seeking the meaning of life, why not give life a meaning. Stop looking for the answer and make your own. Your life is your own and what meaning you give to your life is also yours. What do you want your life to mean??? That is the real question. 
So press the pause button and think.... if you could do anything with your life and give any meaning to your life what would it be? If there were no restrictions and no limitations what meaning would you give to your life?
Once you have done that, think about what you can do to start making that happen for you. What first step can you take. Often the limitations and restrictions are ones we have put on ourselves. People often say to me, 'Oh I can't possibly do that' and when i say 'why not?', there is silence.....
We restrict ourselves and limit ourselves by saying we cant to a point where we don't even know why we cant anymore, it is just something we have told ourselves for so long.
So next time you hear yourself saying 'I can't', change it to 'how can I'.

Find what you want your life to mean and tell yourself .... 'I can'

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