Change your perception

Change your perception of the world and the world will change in front of your eyes
How many mornings do you get out of bed thinking  how bad your day today is going to be, or how much stress that person is going to cause, or how bad the world is???
So many things we feel helpless to change. There are so many things we cannot change and so many people we cannot change, but the one thing that we can change which is completely in our control, is how we perceive these events and people.  
When we view the world, situations and people in a more positive way suddenly the world becomes a more positive place. Nothing has changed but our perception of the situation. We often take things personally, feel betrayed or disrespected and internalise our world, feeling judged and mistreated. 
What would the world look like if we stopped internalising everything we see and start to externalise a more positive view of the world. Give out a positive energy rather than being engulfed in the negativity we perceive.
If we practice this regularly, we can change those situations and those people. By radiating a positive attitude and energy you raise the vibrations of everything and everyone around you. So start with raising your own energy vibrations and then see what happens around you. 
Make those changes and remember a small word of kindness goes a long way.

You will be amazed what a positive attitude can do for the world around you. Give it a try, decide to see the good in everything, yes everything, dig deep and see what happens :)

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