🙏💜🙏 Redirection not Rejection 🙏💜🙏

You are not being rejected you are being redirected to something better
Hindsight is a wonderful thing, right ... Then why do we find it so hard to take the lessons learned from hindsight and use them to give us some foresight?
How many times in your life have you felt rejection or lived in fear of rejection? I imagine the answer to be many times. In fact many missed opportunities come down to the fear of rejection. 
Yet if you look back to those situations in your past where you felt rejected you can see you were merely being redirected to something better. 
The missed opportunities are not the ones you were redirected from they are the ones you fear being redirected to.
What if we turn it on it's head and decide that all the times you were rejected..... all the opportunities missed due to fear of rejection, were actually all redirections. 
Let's delete the word rejection and replace it with redirection... now let's see.
'I am worried to try change this situation because I fear redirection'.. hmm makes it all seem very different.
"I am scared to go and talk to that person in case I get redirected to someone better" 
Go ahead and look and your rejection fears and change them to redirections and see how they lose the power they hold over you.
Hindsight should inform you in life that each time you have felt rejection from something, you were merely being redirected to something better. So take this hindsight and use it to dispel your fears of rejection. There is no rejection only redirection. Ban the word from vocabulary, ban the word from your thoughts. 

Every time from now on you think of the word rejection, change it to redirection ..... and remember the universe has your back!

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