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Mindful Exercise
Start by picking one thing you do daily, perhaps walking to the bus stop or station for work. You can even practice this when loading the dishwasher or cleaning your teeth.

Next time you take this walk or do a chore, concentrate on being present in the moment. 
Think about what you can see, hear, feel, smell, how the ground feels under your feet. 
Engage all your senses, this will help you stay present. 
If you find your mind wandering, bring it back to one of your senses. 

Ask yourself what am I seeing right now, what am hearing, how does it smell.

You will be surprised at the things that you have never noticed on that same trip you take every day.

With regular practice your brain will start to get used to being more present in the moments which in turn will help you feel calmer and help regain some inner peace and quiet. 
Being mindful can really help with stressful situations allowing you to get out of your head for a while and quieten the mind.

Give it a go... become present in life, not an observer of past events and a predictor of future ones.


Belief system exercise

Write down as many things as you can that begin with the word ‘I’, such as 
I am......
I should .....
I think the world is......
I think I should always......
I believe.......
I want.........
I need.........
I think other people ........
Anything that is part of your general belief system about yourself, the world, others, how you should behave etc. 
When you have done as many as you can think of, look at each one and write down next to it where that belief came from such as parents, peers, society, partners, the internet? Any that do not say "me" next it, change it, write a new one and make it yours.

We can go though life for many years with belief systems that are not ours. When we are growing up so many people influence our beliefs with their own. We sometimes wonder why we do not know who we are.
This exercise will help you to find the parts of you that are truly you and change the ones that are not helping you to complete the jigsaw puzzle that is YOU :)


Keep your Aura Energised and Sealed

Visualise the base chakra as a disk or sphere of red spinning light, and when you see it clearly imagine a globe of gold light on the disk, chanting (aloud or in your mind) the sound for this chakra (Ra). Then move to the sacral chakra and visualise it as a spinning orange disk or sphere, imagine a globe of gold light on it as you chant (Ma). Then the solar plexus chakra as a yellow spinning disk or sphere, chanting (Da) as you imagine a globe of gold light on it. Then the heart chakra as a green spinning disk or sphere, chanting (Sa). The throat chakra as a bright blue disk, chanting (Se – pronounced 'say"). The brow chakra as an indigo disk, chanting (So) and finally the crown chakra as an Violet disk, chanting (ING).

You should feel the energy moving up your spine as you do this. After having imagined a globe of gold light on the crown chakra, imagine each globe of light was a seed and visualise that seed bursting forth gold light, surrounding the body and filling your aura.
When you feel the gold light surrounding your body, concentrate the energy on any areas of your body which feel weaker or are in pain.
Do the exercise daily to strengthen your aura.


Grounding Exercise

What are Grounding Exercises and how can they help you?
Grounding exercises are designed to help you focus your attention on the present moment by reconnecting your body energy with the energy of Mother Earth. 
They are helpful whenever:
- You are having an experience that is overwhelming, or that is absorbing all of your attention. 
- You feel spacey or dizzy after energy work or healing
- You feel stressed, anxious or panicky
you cannot fully feel your body, especially your legs

  1. Remove your shoes and socks. Stand up, or sit straight up in a chair with both feet flat on the ground. Close your eyes.
  2. Focus on slowing and deepening your breathing. Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Try to hold your attention to the Hara point which is about 1-2 inches below the belly button.
  3. Imagine that you are a mighty oak tree. Visualise the circumference of your trunk and the texture of your bark. Imagine that from the waist line down are your roots and above are the trunk and leaves.
  4. Visualise as your roots grow down from your feet and go deep into the ground.
  5. Once your roots are at least six feet in the Earth, picture the energy of the Earth like bits of diamond dust sparkling all around.
  6. Imagine this diamond dust being absorbed into your roots and rising slowly up your roots and into your trunk.
  7. As you visualise the diamond dust rising up your trunk, stretch your arms up and out above your head just like the branches of your mighty oak tree.
  8. See the diamond dust continue to rise and energise every branch and leaf of your tree.
  9. Tilt your head back so that your face is warmed by the sun, and smile
  10. Take 3 deep breaths while standing with your head tilted back and your arms outstretched, each time visualising more and more diamond dust energising you.
  11. Slowly return your head to an upright position and bring your arms down with your hands coming together in prayer position over you heart.
  12. Give thanks in whatever way you feel is appropriate.

Breathing Exercises

Please click on the link below to my Youtube for 
some Breathing techniques to help with relaxation and meditation.


Colouring Mandalas

Colouring is not just for children. It is something many of us loved to do when we were children, so why stop?
Colouring is a great tool for meditation, relaxation, relieving stress and tension. As well as helping to unlock your creative self it can aid in unblocking your throat chakra helping you to tune into your deeper self. 
So now you know how beneficial it is to do something fun here is a link to some great Mandalas, which you can print off and let your creative side free.


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