🙏💜🙏 With Acceptance Comes Peace 🙏💜🙏

With Acceptance Comes Peace
Life is a continuous journey full of many events that enlighten us in ways that we sometimes do not understand. We experience both pleasure and pain, laughter and joy. 
For many the journey can be so difficult that it stops them right in their tracks. Unable to continue, unable to take the next step and see that there may be light up ahead if they just keep on going.
So often the thing that freezes a person on the journey is the inability to accept what is happening. 
This can be extremely difficult to do when going through a painful experience. 
It is important to learn the habit of looking at whatever happens though a positive mindset not a negative defeatist one. 
Life is full of challenges and the sooner we begin to nurture acceptance the easier it becomes to deal with future challenges. 
When we fight things and resist them we are unable to move on with our lives and therefore cannot reach the potential doors of opportunity and happiness that are waiting further down the path. 
We must accept that there may be hope and light further down the road even though at this moment in life is so difficult. 
So what we are accepting is that right now life is challenging but there may be hope and light ahead but only in accepting the pain and challenge that is here right now can we begin to move toward the hope. 
Remember acceptance is a choice that can help you prepare for the ever changing path of life. There are times to persist and times to accept, know when to let go.
Try not to judge what has happened or why and trust that everything happens for a reason and there are better things to follow. 
Try not to spend time overthinking it, as we cannot understand the bigger picture of the universe all the time, but when we have faith, accept and move on often we find peace.

So when a door is closed in front of your face, accept the closed door and look around you to see how many windows are still open.

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