🙏💜🙏 Closer to where you belong 🙏💜🙏

Some journeys in life take us farther than where we were but closer to where we belong.
Sometimes in life we are just comfortable with being uncomfortable, familiar with the unfamiliar, accepting of the unacceptable. 
As humans we are very adaptable to our surroundings, an amazing survival trait: the ability to adjust to all sorts of extremes!
The problem is, we often use this ancestral survival skill when we shouldn't. We get so used to what is 'normal' even when that normal means we are unhappy or in a situation which is damaging to our mind, body and soul.
The thought of moving away from this situation into the unknown can be daunting, it is often this fear that keeps us right where we are, 'stuck in the mud'.
What we fail to see is within the unknown are other opportunities, different life chances, new things, better ways.
When we start to journey away from the familiar, the further we get down the pathway the closer we become to where we are meant to be and where we belong.
The first step on the path is the hardest as it is a step into the unknown.... we think! However, this step into the unknown is closer to the known than we think, when we finally start to venture on the pathway to where we belong and off the pathway where we think we should be, everything unknown becomes known and your true self and belonging will start to emerge like a beautiful butterfly coming out of it's chrysalis.
It really is far more scary to stay stuck than it is to venture out and find your true self. As soon as you take that first step towards your true self the rest will follow and your pathway will become brighter and your load lighter.

So take that first step into the unknown and trust the universe will be guiding you right to where you belong.

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