🙏💜🙏 All children are artists! 🙏💜🙏

All children are artists, the problem is how to remain an artists once we grow up. 
Do you remember the wonderful drawings you did as a child? You probably don’t remember many of your drawings, but perhaps you do remember the feeling doing artwork gave to you.
Children are naturally all present in the moment. When they are creating, that is all they are doing, they become that picture.
Whatever we did as children we truly lived in that moment and wow did it make the moments more intense. 
Climbing a tree was not about technical ability or strategy, it was about the tree and whatever fantasy story we playing out in our head at the time.
Riding a bike was not about where we were going,  it was about the pleasure and exhilaration of the bike ride. 
Painting a picture was not making sure all parts were equal, it was about enjoying that moment of expression and creation.
So what happened!?! …  We were all told to grow up! To plan, to worry, to achieve, to impress, to do. We become human doings, instead of human beings. 
We spend the first part of our lives living in the moment ,surrounded by a society who constantly tells us to worry about everything else except the moment. 
We eventually learn to forget the moments we are in and replace these moments with worries and fears about things that have already happened and things that have not happened. So what happened to the moment?
We then start to realise that life is not quite right, something feels a little off (to say the least) so perhaps we start to read some spiritual books, do a little soul searching, tune in a bit more. We the discover everyone is telling us to live in the moment!  So we had it right all along, we knew as a child in our natural state that the only true thing was the moment we were in. 
So how to find that again? One of the best ways to do that is by going back to your childhood enjoyments. Read one of your favourite books that you used to get lost in. Get some finger paints and truly express yourself … for you, not to compare art skills or to say i can’t draw, it doesn't matter… every expression of the self is art! 
It doesn't matter what you create, free yourself and get creating so you can free the inner child and find pleasure in the moments in life. The more you tune back in to this freedom of moment living the easier it will become. 

So grab some paints, plasticine, jump in some puddles, or whatever else you fancy and let that inner child express itself.

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