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You Are Never Too Old To Wish Upon A Star
We spend the first half of our life being told to grow up and the second half trying to find the child within us again. 
If only we never lost the connection in the first place. Remember how hard it was to grow up...to lose the temptation to be in the moment...to just be. Being told to pay attention and concentrate when our minds were drifting into our imaginations and inner core. Really it all came so natural to us when we were children. The whole living in the moment thing. The emptying the head thing, now known as 'meditation'.  
All the things we now seek in our adult life are the things we had forced out of us growing up. Then suddenly we find ourselves disconnected from our true self. 
The reason we have to seek out the inner child is because this is where the natural ability to be at peace and in tune with our inner self resides. 
It resides in the child because when we came into this world we were our in our most natural self. The closer we can get back to the moment before we were told who to be the more connected we will become.
Allow yourself to be free, create, read, jump in puddles, draw like a child. Dig out one of your favourite old child hood books and read it again. In fact do anything to connect to the child within you for in doing this you will connect to the infinite self.

You are never too old to be young, so seek out those things that you loved as a child and find joy with them once more.

Other things you are never too old to do:
1. Singing in the shower
2. Dancing when the mood takes you
3. Jumping in the puddles
4. Standing in the rain
5. Kicking the leaves
6. Playing pooh Sticks
7. Skipping
8. Blowing Bubbles
9. Playing on the swing
10. Lets pretend..
11. Welly Boots and Mud
12. Building Sandcastles
13. Water Fights
14. Rolling down a hill
15. Making pictures in the clouds
16. Children's books
17. Spending the day in bed..just because
18. Colouring and painting
19. Believing in fairies
20. Taking up a new hobby

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