🙏💜🙏 Go With The Flow 🙏💜🙏

Connect To The Energy and Go with The Flow
Going with the flow is something we seem to naturally fight against in life. 
The flow is taking us one direction in a reasonably smooth manner... hence the word flow... and we are fighting like crazy to take a different direction and wondering why things are a struggle.
Most of this fighting is caused by our ancestral brain thinking it knows best. 
Evolution hasn't quite caught up with spirituality yet. We know things because we just do, it's called connection to the universe, its called gut instinct, its called intuition. Our brain says...Whoe, wait a minute, lets take that instinctual gut feeling and try to rationalise it!!! Lets take that spiritual moment and try to analyse it and see if we can fit it into some rational box that makes more sense. Huh...now when you look at it like that, it really doesn't make sense to allow the brain to step in. 
So whether it be instincts, intuition or guidance... Call it what you will it all boils down to the same thing, if and when we connect to the energy of the universe and tune out of our ancestral brains, we find it easier to go with the flow, which results in us always being and going where we should be, instead of fighting to be or go to a place we definitely shouldn't be....phew !! 
We need to learn that our ancestral tool.. the brain... does not know best when it comes to things like life direction, spiritual decisions etc....it is great at problems, sums and other practical stuff , but why oh why do we keep thinking it knows best when it come to the whole spiritual path? 

Tune out of your mind.....Connect to the energy.....and go with the flow....

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