🙏💜🙏 Full Moon Mantra 🙏💜🙏

Let everything that wants to go, go. 
Let everything that wants to come, come. And so it is 
🙏💜🙏Namaste 🙏💜🙏
We must allow ourselves to be truly open in order to receive and to release.
When we close ourselves down or build up walls we are not just shutting others out, we are shutting ourselves in.
There are times when retreating into our shell may be beneficial for some down time, reflection and healing.
We have to ensure we do not get stuck in this space that feels safe or we can not progress and heal properly.
When we stay hidden behind these walls we build, there is no room for releasing and letting go, and no room for receiving what we are meant to receive.
Full moon is a great time to practise this mantra and allow yourself to find some space to release and receive.

So practice this mantra .... I let everything that wants to go, go. I let everything that wants to come, come. And so it is. Namaste.

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