🙏💜🙏 Look within 🙏💜🙏

Don't look outside, look inside yourself
When we look within we find what we spend forever searching for in the world outside of us. 
The life force we look for in others or the world is strongest within us.
The most precious Gems in the world are found within us. 
We forget that we hold so much within us. 
We hold the key to within we just have to unlock the door and look.
We must stop seeking things outside of us, expecting the world or other people to complete us or make us happy. 
True happiness begins from inside. When we can accept and love our beautiful, unique self.
Then that peace and joy that we seek will remain  and will not be a mere fleeting moment of something that we long to hold on to forever.

There is a life force within your soul, seek that life 

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