Happiness: 3 Simple Rules

Gratitude - 
All we have is the moment, not the past and not the future, just now. Waiting for those things to come along that we think will make us happy or reminiscing about the things that used to make us happy or unhappy blinds us from all we have in the present moment. 
Being grateful for the moments we have now and every person and experience in our lives at this moment can really lift us to a higher vibration of joy. Practice finding something every day to be grateful for.

Compassion - Judging ourselves and others only brings sadness and negativity into our thoughts and our lives. Be gentle on yourself and others. Remember when you look at someone that you really do not know what they may be experiencing in their lives. When we feel and show compassion it promotes feelings of love and kindness which in turn promotes gratitude and happiness. Compassion to yourself, others and the world.

Positivity -  Thoughts only exist in your mind, they do not exist anywhere else, just in your mind. The are created by you and exist because you allow them to. You have control over your mind and how you choose to see the world outside your mind. Interpretation and perception is everything! Think positive and you will see positive, think positive and you will attract positivity.

If you practice these three things regularly until they become natural you really will find happiness.

Remember, thoughts only exist in your mind, they are nowhere else, so change your thoughts to gratitude, compassion and positivity and you will find happiness :)

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