Looking for the answer?

Looking for the answer? Look no further than yourselfie!
So many times we look outside of ourselves for the answer. we ask questions about life, relationships, parenting, work, spirituality, the world, the universe and everything!
What if I were to tell you that to find these answers you need look no further than yourself...Who knows you better than anyone else? Who has lived with you the longest? Who has been there through all your ups and downs? Who has felt every experience you have ever had? Who has known how you really feel when you put on a brave face? Who knows all the lessons you have learned from all your life experiences? Who knows your heartaches and your sorrows, your deepest desires, your wildest dreams and fantasies? Who knows how you really feel about that certain person? Got it yet???? There is only one person that truly knows all these things and its YOU. The modern day craze of selfies, which pop up on just about every social media site you come across is so symbolic of what we all should do. If you want a true picture of yourself take it yourself, if you want a true reflection of yourself look in the mirror. If you want any answers look within yourself. Only you truly know yourself, so surely you are the best person to answer those questions. Just trust your instincts, listen to your gut and go for it :)

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