Who are you?

Who were you before the world took you?

How often to do we stop and look at who we truly are?
We spend so much of our time worrying about what other people think, trying to fit in, trying to be the best employer, employee, wife, husband, girlfriend, mother. 
We strive to be what we think the world and society want us to be. The longer we do this for the more we pull the blindfold over our eyes that look out and over our eyes that look in. Before we know it we have completely lost ourselves to the expectations around us. 
So...... who were you before the world took you? The innocent child living in the moment, exploring the excitements of every new thing, every new day, the beauty in the world, the moments that were all that mattered, the creativity, the fun, before we tried to fit in.
We forget that within us is a soul that is truly us, that remains untouched by all the pressures and expectations around us. 
It is easier than we think to tap into this. Just reading this is allowing you to question and look deeper within yourself to reveal your true self. 
Think about who is really you, what do you really think, what do you really want to do, what are your dreams? If you took away all the expectations the world has placed on you, what is left? Who are you when you are alone and free? 
Many people think that you can not combine the spiritual self with the every day pressures of the worldly expectations. This is possible.... even for the busiest people,  there is time to reflect, there is time to meditate. Any time spent googling, texting, facebooking or other social media can be swapped for time with your true self. 

We all need a balance in our lives, so stop......and just ask.... Who was I before the world took me?

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