Life is a gift

Life is a gift to appreciate every day

Most of us live extremely hectic lives causing us to get wrapped up in our day to day events. We fly through most our days on autopilot, our conscious minds rarely giving thought to our day to day lives. 
Running errands, ticking things off the to-do list, then at night time collapsing into bed exhausted to sleep only to begin it all again the next day. 
It is important in each day to take moments to reflect and appreciate the simple gift of life and all it gives us day to day. 
Within every hectic day are moments that can be found to reflect, appreciate and find things that we are grateful for, such as life, health, loved ones, warmth and shelter.

Next time you find your self feeling negative about something in your day or life, try to see a way to appreciate it, some simple examples:

Dishes to wash means food to eat
House to clean makes for a safe place to live
Piles of laundry means you have clothes to wear

What often gets us down in our days are not the events themselves but our perception of them. 

Life is a gift so remember to find ways to be grateful and appreciate the many things that you have in your life. 
What can you appreciate in your life today?

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