🙏💜🙏 Problem or Opportunity? 🙏💜🙏

Problem or Opportunity...You decide
So, what do you see when you look at this picture, spilt paint or an opportunity?
We come across so many similar scenarios in our every days lives. Situations that some may call problems and others an opportunity or a missed opportunity if it remains a problem!
Think about the last "problem" you had. I mean really think... what if you could change your perception of that problem and try to see the opportunity within it. 
Give yourself a few minutes to think about how that problem could have been an opportunity.
If you are struggling with it and your mind still sees it as a problem then think about what you have learnt from the "problem". Maybe you have learned how to do it differently or how to see things another way.
The reality is that when you look out at life and see problems, many times these problems can be opportunities if we just change our perception of them. We have so much more control over events than we think we do. We may not always be able to change events but we can always change how we view them.

Now for a little story!....
Take two people.... one is an optimist and the other a pessimist. They both have exactly the same lives and have exactly the same day...
It goes something like this... First they wake up late, miss the train for work and have to wait on the platform for 15 minutes until the next one. The pessimist whilst waiting, sends a text to their friend moaning about the trains and the late start, spending 15 minutes stressing, pacing up and down the platform.
 The optimist sees it as an opportunity to call their friend who they have been meaning to call back for ages but have been too busy. Whilst talking to their friend they got invited out to a get together that weekend with some of their old friends.
On the way home from work it pours with rain, umbrella forgotten the pessimist rushes home in the rain getting soaked head down and complaining about the weather. 
The optimist stops and takes shelter, watching the people go by, they see a mum and daughter getting wet and laughing as they jump through the puddles oblivious to everyone around them. This reminds the optimist of the importance of living in the moment and taking time to enjoy every moment possible with their loved ones. It also reminds them much they used to love the rain and puddle jumping so the optimist leaves the shelter once the rain has eased and walks home in the gentle rain with a smile on their face. 
The pessimist gets home and complains to the family how bad their day at work was and how bad a mood they are in and goes to bed unhappy.
The optimist goes home and talks about how everything happens for a reason and what an amazing day they had and how they talked to their friend and saw a mother and child playing in the rain and how it had reminded them of precious times together living in the moment. 
The optimist has a great evening with the family cherishing the moment and thankful for the opportunities given that day.
So you can see, although this was on a simple level, how you view things can turn a possible problem into an opportunity. Both had the same day, one thought it was a great day and the other a terrible day.

Next time you find yourself  faced with a problem, look for the opportunity.

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