🙏💜🙏 The Journey 🙏💜🙏

The Journey is Your Destination

We all have goals in life, points in our life we would like to be at. Whether material or spiritual, these goals can often take over our thoughts encompassing our minds with thoughts solely about the future target and reaching that dream destination.

With this track of thinking we miss the moments and all we see is this:
Point A                                                         Point B
I am here and don't want to be :(          I want to be here, and I am not :(

So we end up being sad and negative because we are at point A and we are sad and negative because we are not at point B. Thats a lot of Sad and Negative going on!

The journey of life is the destination, not just where we end up. Between point A and B is an amazing life adventure and journey.
This journey may not always seem smooth, but all these moments and lessons on our journey are the most important things. 
If we just jumped from A to B without everything in between we will have missed everything life has to show us on the way and all those precious moments are gone.
It is on our journey we learn to grow, it is on our journey we learn to let go, it is on our journey we learn to love, it is on our journey we find our true self.

So remember to enjoy the journey ..... this is your true destination.

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