🙏💜🙏 Nightmares and Dreams 🙏💜🙏

Do not let another persons nightmares get in the way of your dreams
Your path through life is uniquely yours. Your dreams are uniquely yours. 
Everyone in our life is walking on their own path, making their own journey, following their own dreams. When we understand this we learn to be less judgmental and less concerned about what other people think of our journey. Worrying about other people's opinions is a huge hold back on our dreams. The simple truth is, what is right for us at the time may not be right for someone else and vice versa. 
So if you happen to be walking along your path next to someone else who is walking along that nightmare path, remember it is their path and this is where they are at right now. 
It is ok to reach across from your path and hold their hand for a while, guide them a little.
Just be careful not to drag their nightmare onto your own path or even worse jump from your path to theirs! This won't help you or them. 
Sometimes we have to let others walk their path without us and continue on our own.  Trust that their path is unique and no one knows where they are going or what other helping hands awaits them around the corner. 

People come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. 
Listen to your instincts, when its time to let go, let go. It is OK to support someone but if you carry them you will soon be weighed down and stuck with them!

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