Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change Nothing we see has a set meaning, we make it's meaning. This is why we all have different opinions and views. One person may be convinced that this picture is actually moving and another convinced it is not. It is all about perception. Meanings of things we see or experience are decided by our likes, dislikes, experiences, prejudices, values and prior knowledge. Once we have assigned a meaning to something we often become blind to the fact that we no longer see what is there, we see our thoughts and beliefs of what is there. This can lead us to have many negative feelings and views of the world. If we walk round thinking the world is full of negatives, we will see only the negatives. If we change the way we look at the world and think more positively we will start to notice the positives. Just give it a go next time you are out, tune out to the negatives and tune in to the positives. If you look closely enough there is something positive in almost everything. 

Start with something simple like a walk or bus journey that you always do. Tune in and look making sure you are thinking positive and trying to see the positive. This can be applied to everything we do and think. Our brain does what we tell it, so take control of it and change some of those beliefs to lead a more positive and happy life. Think positive, see positive, attract positive. Changing the way we look at things really does change what you look at. 

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