There are no obstacles if you can jump high enough!

There are no obstacles if you can jump high enough!
In life we often create our own obstacles. We look at what we want to achieve or do and then start creating obstacles as to why we cannot do it. Such as 'there is not enough time’..... ‘it didn't work last time I tried'....., 'I am not good enough'....... 'I can’t'.
When we start creating these obstacles we stay stuck behind the obstacle and keep making it higher and higher until we reach a point where we can justify not jumping it and say; 'now look, this obstacle (I have created!) is so high I can’t possibly jump over it'. 
Imagine a runner in a hurdle race, starting off, building momentum then getting to the hurdle and stopping right in front of it, looking at it and saying 'I can’t jump this it’s too high', well of course it’s too high because the momentum is gone. The only way to jump that hurdle is to start the race, see the hurdle coming, keep running at it and jump. 
We can jump those obstacle in life if we just keep the momentum and belief going and stop any doubt and reasons creeping in that make us stop and observe too much the problem we have created in front of us.

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