Let go!

Letting go of the life we planned can open us up to new things
Sometimes we push forward upstream against the flowing river determined to have the 'life we planned' even if it is not quite the life we want. We want to win, to succeed to get to our goal...
What if letting go of those plans opens new doors, new opportunities and a life that has been waiting for us to step into?
We often ignore the signs that we may be on the wrong track and changing our plans can seem a little unnerving. 
Surely it is much harder rowing against the current than going with the flow. 
Could there be something else waiting through that door? 

Worrying is a peace spoiler!

Worrying is nothing but a peace spoiler!
Can you think of any time at all that worrying actually achieved anything positive? 
Worrying must not get confused with planning. In fact planning for certain things can help us not worry. For example that exam becomes far less worrying if we have prepared for it by revising.
It's the other things, the things that have not even happened...that probably won't ever happen. The 'what ifs'. 
Worrying about all these things prevents us living peacefully in the present moment and solves absolutely nothing. Worrying does not change the possibility of an outcome.
It is far better to send out some positive energy and believe everything is going to be OK, knowing that if and when something requires your attention you are more than capable of dealing with it.
One of my least favourite sayings is 'the calm before the storm'. With this way of thinking even when you are in your most peaceful state you are expecting it all to go wrong soon. 

Thinking about that storm coming too much may just whir one up, so take that peace and extend into each and every day of your life.