🙏💜🙏 Wings to Fly 🙏💜🙏

Give the ones you love wings to fly...
so they can be free to explore the universe, find themselves and their own beliefs.
Give them roots to come back... so they feel safe to explore know ing there is always somewhere and someone safe to come back to.
Give them reasons so stay... so that when they return they see this is their home.
Sometimes our own fears and insecurities cause us to restrict the ones we love and prevent them from walking on their own journey in this world. 
We must remember that we all have a journey and though we may walk along the path with another, it is still their journey and their path and we must allow them to explore it and grow their own way. 
When our fears cause us to hold back those we love it creates friction causing a stagnation of the spirit of everyone involved, until no-one is moving forward anymore. 
Eventually this restriction causes the very thing we feared would happen in the first place, which is why we behave this way...we loose them. 
The very fears of loss that caused the need to control and restrict pushes away the person leaving everyone trying to put themselves back together again. 
Trust your path....trust their path....everyone has a different journey to walk and it is not for us to decide how another should walk theirs.

Remember you can only walk your path....not anyone elses

🙏💜🙏 Expand your beliefs 🙏💜🙏

When you expand you belief system you expand your connections
We expand as far as we think we can expand. We connect as far as we think we can connect. 
Expand your world, go beyond the space that exists within you. Reach further than the world you see around you. Think bigger than the world you know. There exists a whole universe that we keep being told we know so little about. 
We have been told for so long how little we know that we believe it, leaving us feeling we are no longer connected to the universe. We feel disconnected from this universe we apparently know so little about.
Everything is energy and energy is everything, time and space does not limit our connection. There are many star systems, many life forms, many times we may have experienced these life forms is our past lives. 
Explore all this in your thoughts. Allow yourself to go beyond the knowledge you are told you have. Reach out to connect to the innate knowledge that exists within all of us. 
Many people have experienced memories of past lives from other solar systems such as the Pleidian Star System. The Pleides are a well-known sight in the Northern Hemisphere in winter and in the Southern Hemisphere in summer, and have been known since ancient times to cultures all around the world. There is a link at the bottom of this post to an interesting article about this. 

Try and let go of any restrictions you may have in your belief system and explore beyond what you think you know to discover the innate knowledge within.