Founder of BlissKi Life Enrichment Centre, London, www.BlissKi.com

 Michelle Sands - Psychologist  and Intuitive Energy Healer  BSc (Hons)    Psychology MBPsS
 SAC DIP Cognitive Behavioural Therapy   

 Reiki Master (Usui trained)
 Chakra Balancing
 Crystal Healing
 Spiritual Healing
 Meditation practitioner
 Indian Head Massage

"Michelle is a phenomenal Energy healer! She has assisted me to clear through many blockages, understand my life from a higher level. I think that Michelle is gifted, insightful and utilises a system of energy healing that can genuinely assist you to transform your life! I recommend her highly to my friends!" 
Jessica Stoltenburg - Greenwich

My passion for healing led me to set up BlissKi Life Enrichment Centre to provide the local community with a Healing Centre where they can experience therapies on all levels.

I have been practicing various forms of Energy Healing for 20 years...We are of mind, body and spirit, all of which affect each other. Many years ago I discovered that I could feel peoples energy in my hands. I did not understand what this was until I discovered Energy Healing. Over the years I have come to understand the meaning of the sensations I feel and their importance. I use the Japanese Byosen technique  to scan the body and sense any imbalance in my hands. These imbalances can cause physical or emotional illness. I use various techniques to restore balance and release blockages, restoring the bodies own strength and ability to heal.

I take a holistic view with my clients and aim to bring back balance and harmony to all these areas. My belief and passion for healing has led me to have a deep understanding of the need to work on all levels with clients which is why I have trained in fields that cover the mind, body and spirit.

Energy Healing is a wonderful form of holistic healing working on your mind, body and spirit. I use various techniques for energy healing. I strongly believe that each client is individual requiring a unique therapy programme. I tune into the clients energy field and form a unique treatment plan which will often use more than one method, strengthening the mind, body and spirit and restoring harmony on all levels.

Imbalance in our lives can make us feel like we have lost control and are no longer in the driving seat and that we are being driven by whatever issue we have, this may be anxiety, stress or anger or anything else. Whatever your needs are I will offer therapy to  help return this balance, helping you take back control of life.

I am fully insured and adhere to the NOS standards and the BPS code of Ethics and Conduct. I am a member of the British Psychological Society and offer a friendly, warm, professional, safe and relaxed environment.

Therapies offered at BlissKi:
Spiritual Healing
Reiki Healing
Crystal Healing
Energy Healing

Chakra Balancing
Life Enrichment
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
One to one meditation sessions

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