Create your own reality

Every thought and feeling creates your reality so make yours magical.
How we experience life is created directly by how we think.We have the power to change our life and our experience by changing the way we think. 
A simple change in the way you think or perceive something has a direct effect on your feelings, changing the way you react, which in turn changes how you experience your world. 
An example....we cannot control the weather but we can control how we perceive it. A rainy day can either be, damp, depressing and grey or it can be fresh and soothing providing nourishing water for our world.
Next time you have a thought or feeling that is making your experience of the world negative, challenge it, ask what else is possible? How else can I see this? What is a better way to perceive this right now and how may this be good for me?
Remember your thoughts and feelings create your experience so think positive, dream big and create a magical reality for yourself to be in.

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