Look out for the rainbow

When it rains on your sunny day remember to look out for the rainbow!
Many of our struggles are caused by faulty perceptions and incorrect thinking patterns. It is our nature to look for patterns and try to make sense of situations. Many times we are correct with our perceptions but sometimes we see patterns where they don't really exist and a cause where there is not one. 
One common negative thinking pattern is catastrophizing, which is where we focus on the worst possible situations and outcomes. This thinking pattern can prevent us from  beginning a new venture as we are sure it will go wrong. This thinking also causes great anxiety. 
The mere thought of taking on a new task brings upon the faulty thinking pattern that it is bound to go wrong and this triggers the anxiety.
In reality most of these events do not go wrong, everything does not always go wrong! Most of the worries never happen, and the few that do we end up coping with far better than we ever imagined. When we live with this catastrophizing thinking pattern we end up worrying about things that never happen and when we step out into the world we are blinkered from the good. We expect bad things, so that is all we see.

The problem is we miss so much when we think like this, we miss the beautiful rainbow shining though on that rainy day. It is never all rain, so matter how heavy it is, if there is not a rainbow at the time, it is coming. 
So next time you catch yourself stuck in the negative thinking of everything going wrong or everything being wrong and worrying about a million things that probably wont happen, stop and think about the times it went right, the things that are good, the rainbows in the rain and think positively about your thoughts and actions. 

Living a life with less worry = living a life with more happiness.

When it rains on your sunny day, remember to look out for the rainbow :) 

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